What are clients saying about the relationship they found through the services of SPN?

Absolutely recommend the services of SPN
“When I signed on with Selective Professionals' Network, I was looking for dating opportunities for professionals.  I was seeking a partner in life.  XX and I met over a year ago, have been living together for 3 months and plan to marry.  My experience with SPN has been excellent.  I was only introduced to 2 people before I meet my soon to be life-long partner.  3rd time lucky! I would absolutely recommend the services of SPN. Without them, we would never have met! -G.T.”

Trusted, verified information
“After 51 years for trying to figure it out on my own, I finally decided it was time to get some professional help with my search for a life partner and soul mate!!! I was busy with my life, career, friends and family and just expected that it was supposed to happen naturally when you were engaged in the things you loved to do. The problem was that I was just not meeting the type of quality men that could meet me on at least a few levels. So I thought why not give SPN a try?! I found the experience great!! After a short in-person interview, Patricia created a profile for me that presented my best qualities that would be of interest to a potential suitor. Then when a match was found, I really enjoyed meeting the gentleman in a safe non-committal environment. The idea that they would not have any personal information about you unless you felt comfortable giving them that information after you met them in person, appeal led to me very much. This was so much better than any online experience, where you never really know if the person is safe or not. There is also the added confidence that you can trust that the information provided to you has been verified and you can relax and be open to getting to know a new person. In my case, I met two men that were very nice but just not a match. Then the third one was the charm. We have been in a relationship now for 3 months. We connect on all levels– emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. We have many things in common and enough differences that there are lots opportunities for both of us to learn and experience new things. I have been recommending SPN to many of my single friends at it was just that easy. Wish I would have done it sooner.   -T.M.”


What are clients saying about their introductions?

“The meeting was fantastic. She's gorgeous, too! She's a catch and I've already made plans with her to spend time together Saturday. I'm excited to get to know her.   -G.G.”

“Thank you for introducing me to XY. The whole meeting was unbelievably wonderful. Very early on in the meeting, XY asked me for my phone number.   -H.P.”

“She's stunning! I am not going to mess up this opportunity. 🙂   -H.G.”

“It seems we have so much in common- enjoy the same foods, same entertainment, love traveling, the same type of traveling, same resorts, and I could just go on and on. I'll learn how to golf! 🙂   -H.P.”


What are clients saying about SPN?

“The personalized service is so important because you write an amazing biography of each client. This was very helpful in providing a comprehensive summary of the person I was to meet, but also took away the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time.   -J”

“I appreciate someone else's expertise and time to help meet someone who would compliment my life.   -L.H.”

“Your service stands out from all others because of your personalized approach. You take time to get to know each client and then you do all the work to ensure that the best image of that client is put forward in a truthful and meaningful way. Love the biographies!   -K.A.”

“It sounds like a very needed service here in Winnipeg. I already sent your website to a friend, who I believe needs to connect with you.   -M.F.”


What are clients saying about their biographies?

“Wow!! You certainly have a way with words... you really assimilated all the bits and pieces of info I gave you into a very nice Profile! Thank you!   -L.E.”

“Honestly, I think you nailed it!! Everything is true and quite frankly lays it out perfectly, as to who I am and who I am looking to meet. Thank you!   -D.W.”