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In today’s world, more professionals are finding themselves unexpectedly single.  You are single by choice because you are not prepared to settle.  We provide an alternative to dating for professionals in Winnipeg.

You are interested in meeting quality people but do not have the time or know where to go. Meeting like-minded men and women is becoming somewhat of a job in itself.


This is where we can help.


About Us

Selective Professionals’ Network is an upscale means of meeting exceptional people of all ages. Whether you are in your 20’s or your 70’s, we would like to help you.

Our work is similar to an executive search firm.  We have a unique and personalized service to provide you with opportunities to meet pre-qualified successful, single professional men and women. You decide where it might go from there.


We attract successful single men and women who are passionate about their lives.  We have an impressive database of clients– entreprenueurs in various businesses and career-oriented people in law, the medical field, accounting, finance, psychology, pharmacy, social work, insurance, investments, and design, just to name some of the exclusive clientele we have. If this sounds like you, then please contact us for a consultation.

Let us help you “create your future”!