You might have previously heard someone say that men and women think differently.  Is there any truth to that?

Studies show that men and women’s brains are different.  If that is the case, then it could really be more biology based, as to why the two sexes react so differently to a situation and to the opposite gender.

Trying to understand each other is critical in a relationship and the foundation for communication.  For this reason, I have done some research and would like to share it with you.


7 Ways Men Think Differently than Women

  1. Men think single, while women think multiple.

One of the ways men think differently than women do is that they tend to think about only one thing at a time.

Women can think of many, many different things at a time.  Hence, the reason women tend to be multi-taskers.

Because men focus so intently on just one thing, they tend to be very “in the zone” when they get into something.


  1. Men think in pictures.

Men don’t always think in words to solve their problems.  Many men report that they think in images and pictures different things to work out something which has them stumped.

Women always think in words.  So the concept of pictures is foreign to them.


  1. Men can really think about nothing.

This is very true.  Hard for a woman to image, but a fact.  When men say they are thinking about nothing, chances are they really are thinking about nothing.

This concept is so foreign to women who are most always having their minds thinking about multiple things at once and all the time.

So, when you ask a guy what he is thinking about and he says nothing.  He is most likely telling you the truth!


  1. Men think logically.

Women tend to be very heart-centered.  Women tend to think emotionally about problems and all of our feelings are connected to any issue we may encounter.

Men can actually turn their feelings off to solve a problem.  While this may be an asset, it is one that women cannot relate to.  Our minds just work differently.


  1. Men think slower.

Most women are so in tune with their feelings that they know what they think and feel about any given issue almost immediately.

However, men are not always this way.  They may need time to think and mull over the options in their mind before making a decision.  This can be frustrating to deal with when you know exactly how you feel and think and they don’t.


  1. They are more analytical.

Men are typically more analytical in most situations than a woman is.  They have the ability to see things clearly and factually.

While a woman can do that too, she may be distracted by her feelings and opinions on the matter.

Men can actually leave their opinions outside of a situation to make an observation.


  1. Men cut to the heart of the issue.

Men can cut clear through to the heart of an issue.

Women tend to see a major problem and not know exactly what the main problem is.

For a man, they can easily see the problem from the beginning.


So the next time you feel you are not being understood by your partner, think back to how each gender processes information differently.  It might just be true that he is not thinking about anything or she is overly emotional about a problem?!  The way we think is really gender specific.


Blog Inspired by:

Alicia Fannin- 7 Ways Men Think Differently Than Women