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The Difference Between How Men and Women Think

You might have previously heard someone say that men and women think differently.  Is there any truth to that? Studies show that men and women’s brains are different.  If that is the case, then it could really be more biology based, as to why the two sexes react so differently to a situation and to the opposite gender. Trying to understand each other is critical in a relationship and the foundation for communication.  For this reason, I have done some research and would like to share it with you.   7 Ways Men Think Differently than Women Men think single, [...]

True Confessions About What Counts at the First Meeting

We can introduce you to some pretty amazing, accomplished professional men or women, but we are not there with you to watch how you present yourself.  We can’t say enough about how important first impressions are for the success of a second meeting with this person or just for leaving a good impression, because you don’t know where that may take you. For that reason, I have looked back at the feedback of clients from their meetings and compiled a list.  I have decided to make 2 lists based on gender, although some feedback can be used by either gender.  [...]

The Art of Listening

In the words of Oprah, everyone wants to know: Do you hear me? Do you see me? Does what I say matter? Are you guilty of saying you are listening to someone when you are really preparing your rebuttal, as soon as the person stops talking.  Possibly, you may not even be able to wait for the person to stop talking and you start talking right over him or her?  Yikes!! Everyone thinks they're great listeners. What's easier than sitting down and just hearing what a person has to say right?  Wrong. Hearing isn't necessarily listening, nor is it necessarily [...]

Habits That Truly Fulfill People

To “seek fulfillment” sounds like an impossibly large undertaking, the stuff of epic spiritual journeys. But fulfillment might not be as unattainable as you think — it could simply be a matter of changing your outlook, or of getting into some good habits. What would it mean to be truly fulfilled? Being fulfilled isn’t quite the same thing as being happy or successful. In a literal sense, “to fulfill” means to complete a promise — a store fulfills an order, a charity fulfills a mission, and so on. Merriam-Webster defines “to fulfill” as “to develop the full potentialities of.” So [...]

What’s Your Fashion Sense IQ?

Calling all men and women! What we wear says a lot about us and is the first statement we make when we meet someone. Fashion is important. When is the last time that you analyzed the clothes in your closet? Chances are it has been at least a few years. Some of us have a hard time getting rid of clothes that we don’t wear. It might be that you remember how much you paid for it, so therefore should keep it because of the cost. Maybe you think it might come back in style, or possibly you think some [...]

What’s Your Type?

This is a discussion I have had with lots of clients and have heard lots of conversation around this topic from many. “…But he is not my type.” “ She is not my type.” There is a concern when 2 people have not even met and there is the pre-conceived ideology of what works for you and what does not. Most pre-conceived ideologies are either based on past experiences or a wish list you have put together. It might be a height requirement you have imposed, an aversion to a pet he or she has, not participating in the same [...]

Addressing the COVID-19 Virus

At this time of much isolation at home, we have seen an increase in the enquiries we receive from interested single professionals.  Despite the fact of a pandemic and also due to the pandemic, there is very much a need for a better safer option for singles to meet.

We understand that life does not wait and people want to continue to meet. As we wait for a safer time to schedule in-person meetings, we will modify the way we introduce clients by offering virtual meetings.  All virtual introductions will go through our intensive screening before proposing an opportunity to meet.  Your time is valuable and meeting quality like-minded singles is most important.

Be well and stay safe!

Patricia Veert
President, Selective Professionals’ Network