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Relationships: What Do Men Want? What Do Women Want?

It has long since been a burning question of many men and women. “What do men want from women? What do women want from men?” Of course, there is always “trial and error”, but why not get the scoop?! There are certain behaviours that men or women can exhibit which help create a suitable outcome. Many of my clients have given me insight and research has confirmed what works for many. Men Men say that they are simple to figure out. However, ask any woman and she can tell you that they definitely are not.  Having said that, men’s [...]

What’s Hot and What’s Not?

You have your first meeting with a pre-screened successful single professional. You are nervous. You are out to make a good impression. How do you do that? Throughout SPN’s initial interview process and speaking to my clients, I have developed a list of what is important to single professionals today. I would like to share that with you. While many points may seem common knowledge, there is always a pearl of wisdom we can all learn or remind ourselves HOT 1. Taking good care of yourself Exercise and be fit. More than ever, people seek others who also eat healthy, [...]

The Debate: Compatibility vs Chemistry

What is more important in a relationship- compatibility or chemistry? This an interesting question. I have heard lots of debate from both sides. It is not an easy task to get to know someone. Both compatibility and chemistry need to be understood. They are real and not something that can be changed. The words “compatibility” and “chemistry” are often used in place of each other, yet they are not the same at all. Compatibility Compatibility is an alignment of lifestyles, values, interests and approach to life between two people. What are the values and outlooks that are most important to [...]