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In today’s world, more professionals are finding themselves unexpectedly single. You are single by choice because you are not prepared to settle. We provide an alternative to dating for professionals in Winnipeg and Calgary.

You are interested in meeting quality people but do not have the time or know where to go. Meeting like-minded men and women is becoming somewhat of a job in itself.

People who are simply too busy, have resorted to meeting others through friends, family, or online dating sites. The pool of available people is very limited through introductions by friends and family or vast, overwhelming, and often disappointing online. When you finally do meet, the person may resemble no one you thought. In the end, it can be frustrating, disappointing, and a waste of time for busy authentic people.

Online dating sites may result in compatible people being passed over because of a poor picture or they have not provided a detailed biography of themselves. Often your friends and family do not have a suitable single friend to introduce to you. These reasons, coupled with the fact that many single, successful professionals are not interested in advertising their status over a public forum, make meeting the right people very challenging.

This is where we can help.  We have been helping single professionals meet since 2013.  With lots of enjoyable introductions, marriages, and more engagements, we are pleased to have been instrumental in connecting some wonderful men and women. 

About SPN

Our Story

Selective Professionals’ Network offers an upscale means of meeting exceptional people of all ages. Whether you are in your 20’s or your 70’s, we would like to help you.

Our work is similar to an executive search firm. We have a unique and personalized service to provide you with opportunities to meet pre-qualified successful, single professional men and women. You decide where it might go from there.

At Selective Professionals’ Network, we keep your information confidential until you consent to share this with a potential candidate. We take away the frustration of sorting through the people you might be interested in–compatible and non-compatible. We provide a pool of qualified men and women who, like you, are interested in meeting quality people. This provides the most natural way to meet.

Selective Professionals’ Network is not for everyone, because you are not just looking for anyone. Our network is for people who are:

  • not in a current relationship;
  • career individuals with a post-secondary education; or
  • an entrepreneur of a full-time business; and
  • may qualify to become a member.

To qualify, we hold private consultations. We verify personal details; obtain a current photo; and obtain consent to a criminal and/or background check. A discreet confidential consultation provides a chance for you to let us know about yourself and what qualities you are looking for in the people you would like to be introduced to.

After the consultation, we will advise if we are able to help you. We personally write your biography and help you present your best qualities and attributes to attract the people you are hoping to meet. We hand select and carefully screen all candidates, before you meet, to ensure the candidate meets your basic criteria. After you meet, we use your post-meeting feedback to fine tune your next introduction, leading to continuous improvement in your introduction meetings.

We attract successful single men and women who are passionate about their lives. We have an impressive database of clients– entrepreneurs in various businesses and career-oriented people in law, the medical field, accounting, finance, psychology, pharmacy, social work, insurance, investments, and design, just to name some of the exclusive clientele we have. If this sounds like you, then please contact us for a consultation.

Patricia Veert

Our Founder

The founder and president of Selective Professionals’ Network (SPN) is Patricia Veert. She has a background as a chartered accountant with a tax specialty and a school teacher. The company serves clients in both Winnipeg, Manitoba and Calgary, Alberta.

SPN’s mission is to provide an upscale, personalized private network for single, successful, selective professionals to have confidential opportunities to meet single men and women with similar values and interests. Other larger centers across Canada have a variety of choices, and now Winnipeg and Calgary have another option. Everything we do is about offering a personal service exclusive for busy single career-oriented and business professionals.

Life takes many unexpected paths. Be it absorbed in our career or business to never meet the right person to marry; divorce; death of a spouse; or infidelity. Once starting your career and many people coupled up, it is more challenging than ever to meet like-minded people. We become limited to being set up by friends and family; we seek online dating; or we resign ourselves to staying home alone. Our choices are limited and, most often, none of the options are producing the outcome we had hoped for. There needs to be a better way to meet single men and women, other than to filter through a catalogue of pictures, hoping to create a relationship based on an image. After all, you can be anyone you want online. No one will know until you meet.

While there are lots of single individuals, not all singles are like-minded as we would hope to meet. The more we talk to single professionals, the more others echo the same sentiment of trying to meet exceptional people.

Discerning single professionals need a more intelligent way to connect with other quality, relationship-minded people. Meeting is key. At Selective Professionals’ Network, we provide the meeting. The rest is up to you.

Patricia decided to create Selective Professionals’ Network as a means of helping others create their future. We are here to help you with one of the most difficult decisions you will make in your lifetime–finding the right person to spend your life with. Why wait? Are you up for the challenge?

Our Clients’


“The meeting was fantastic. She’s gorgeous, too! She’s a catch and I’ve already made plans with her to spend time together Saturday. I’m excited to get to know her.”

G. G.

“Thank you for introducing me to XY. The whole meeting was unbelievably wonderful. Very early on in the meeting, XY asked me for my phone number.”

H. P.

“I must say you have blown me away with SPN #…. , as she is so accomplished. Her pictures support your portraying her as down to earth, as well as beautiful.”

P. S.

“I thought it went well. We laughed and shared many stories about our jobs and travels. I’m hoping Kim is interested in meeting again as I very much enjoyed my time with her and would like to spend more with her!”

T. B.