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  • Personalized services to present the best you
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Helping You Put Your

best foot forward…

We want to take the pressure off of you in many aspects of your life. Selective Professionals’ Network offers connections with a wide array of professional services to help you with your image, your life needs, time management, and ensure that you can focus on what is most important—enjoying the process of meeting single people.

See our list of A La Carte Services to help our clients.

Photos with Professional Photographer

Wardrobe suggestions & changes, up to 75 photos to chose from, studio based, touch-ups (Artistic Impressions Photography)

Life Coaching or Relationship Skills or Personal Development Coaching

B Your Best (Melissa Boychuk)


Invisalign (Dr. Tim Dunmore)

Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Health Concerns

Reflections Dental Health Centre (Dr. Ken Hamin)

Fashion Stylist

Pro-Creations (Linda Nelson)

Fitness Training  (Men or Women)

Nutrition consulting, Tone, Build muscle, or Lose weight

B Your Best (Melissa Boychuk)

Mansformation (Men ONLY)

Weight loss, Toning and Muscle Building

Mitch Calvert

Skin Enhancement

Improve texture, Youthfulness, or Reverse age spots/ uneven skin tone

Seacret (Paula Becker)

Hairstylist (Men and Women)

Edward Carriere Salon (Elizabeth Bennici)

Make-Up Artist

Edward Carriere Salon (Joanna Tran)

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Once you contact us to request a complimentary consultation, we will set up an appointment to meet—where we will advise if we believe we can help you. When you decide to become a client, you will be emailed a questionnaire to complete and the process begins.

On the questionnaire, you will be able to describe yourself and the characteristics you are looking for in the men or women you would like to meet. At Selective Professionals’ Network, we expect our clients to be honest and be themselves because, after all, you would want to meet a true authentic person, as well. For each client, we will arrange for your photos to be taken and a criminal record check.

Your information and pictures will be logged into our database. At this time, we will actively begin looking for your first client to meet. We will search through our database and notify you when we have someone who meets your criteria. At this time, we will contact you and provide you with a client’s biography for viewing. If you are interested in meeting the client, a reservation will be made for a mutually agreed day and time. Only your first name will be provided to the client. After you meet, we ask that you provide us feedback. It is up to you to determine if you would like to arrange another get-together with the same client.

Member Fees

Selective Professionals’ Network offers 4 levels of membership– Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  Membership is for one year. Membership may be put on hold for up to 2 months. Details of the membership will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Our Clients’


“The personalized service is so important because you write an amazing biography of each client. This was very helpful in providing a comprehensive summary of the person I was to meet, but also took away the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time.”


“Your service stands out from all others because of your personalized approach. You take time to get to know each client and then you do all the work to ensure that the best image of that client is put forward in a truthful and meaningful way. Love the biographies!”

K. A.

“Honestly, I think you nailed it!! Everything is true and quite frankly lays it out perfectly, as to who I am and who I am looking to meet. Thank you!”

D. W.

“It went very well for 2 people who have never met before! The bios definitely help A LOT – allow for good topics of conversation to be picked. He’s a nice guy, we have lots in common and can talk easily to each other. I wasn’t nervous at all, so that also helped me. Two hours went by really fast!”

C. L.

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